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Products & Services For A Global Connected Workforce

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Unmatched First Person Visual Clarity.

Featuring first-person POV™ technology, GEMINI was designed to provide a highly mobile, secure, real-time two-way audiovisual collaboration tool that can be used by medical, manufacturing and support service professionals to oversee or direct work in, remote or mobile settings.

When the need for visual first person clarity is high and multiple input/output devices are required, GEMINI, offers a solution that delivers. 

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Unmatched First Person Visual Clarity For A Group.

For customers of GEMINI, IKASI™, featuring multi-feed, first-person POV™ technology, was designed to provide a highly mobile, SECURE, real-time, two-way audiovisual, multi-participant platform for remote coaching, mentoring and training.

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Get More Done, Together, With Klabra. 

Incorporating Assisted and Augmented Reality, Klabra is an easy-to-use, secure webRTC collaboration platform connecting Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS devices with smart glasses from RealWear, Google and Vuzix. 

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Custom Solutions Built For You.

Collaborating with our customers to

  • support specialized deployment and onboarding

  • develop additional use case specific features and functions 

  • driving specialized innovation including expanding AR and AI capabilities. 

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For The Connected Worker.

Since 2014, the Hodei Technology team has been focused on developing easy-to-use and scale, secure and reliable products and services for a connected, global workforce. For businesses moving through digital transformation, Hodei Technology solutions align technology innovation with near term business value by meeting teams where they are, delivering ease and accessibility, featuring intuitive functionality and including use case specific features. Concentrating on innovation that connects smart glasses and other devices to organizational value, we work with RealWear, Google and Vuzix to maximize what is possible today and tomorrow for the Connected Worker. 

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