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A connected global workforce easily and efficiently accessing resources and support, sharing  perspectives, collaborating across organizations, and delivering an exceptional customer experience, whenever and wherever required. 

Be There. 



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- Since 2014 -

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We've long been excited about the role smart glasses and other wearables have in the transformation of business for a digital economy. We started working in this space in 2014 and haven't stopped since. We began with Google and its first foray into smart glasses and later added RealWear and Vuzix to ensure our solutions covered every use case need. In 2017 we launched GEMINI as one of the industry's first two-party secure remote assistance solutions. In 2018 we introduced IKASI to expand the reach of GEMINI to larger groups and in 2020, we launched an easy-to-use webRTC collaboration platform to offer accessible, dependable and secure collaboration options for our customers.


As we looked at wearables, including smart glasses, and all the promise that Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, AI and machine learning has for transforming the way we get work done, bring value to our customers and make new things possible, we realized that the barrier was no longer the technology. It's that our customers can’t leap all the way to completely transformed processes - they've got to start at the beginning and get their entire organizations involved and participating. 

Introducing Klabra. The result of our more than eight years developing in this space, experience with our customers and collaborations with our partners. By seamlessly and securely connecting a choice of smart glasses to an always on webRTC application available on just about any device, Klabra offers organizations an easy and accessible on-ramp to the value potential of Assisted, Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality.  

Started in 2014 with a vision of improving the way people work, train, share knowledge and collaborate, Guy Mascaro and Dan Murnane founded Hodei Technology.  Their passion and drive for leveraging advances in web and hardware technology to help solve pressing business challenges that companies worldwide face has been undaunting.  Through trials, innovation and iteration, they have been consistently in the forefront in delivering highly effective real-time remote collaboration solutions.   Whether it is Assisted, Augmented or Mixed Reality applications or 5G and IoT integration, Dan and Guy continue to innovate and often go where others dare to tread. 

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